Lindsey’s classes are fab!!! Lindsey really gets you motivated and makes exercise so much more fun, you soon get addicted. Would really recommend everyone to have a go 🙂

Kerry Woodfield

Lindsey Allen is an inspirational personal trainer!! I transformed my body shape and felt fitter than ever after training with Lindsey!! I would always recommend Lindsey Allen Fitness X

Rachael Hayward

Rachael Hayward

Absolutely loved yoga tonight. Only my 2nd time of going, and just loved how welcoming Lindsey Allen is and how well she explained each move to a novice like me! Definitely a class I will keep going to!

Susan Schwab

Susan Schwab‎

13620384_10209668794814067_3203464604550571216_n12 weeks ago I plucked up the courage and asked Lindsey Allen for help, I had no energy and felt like a beach whale…. since then she’s done my personal training every week… Tonight was my results…… 1 stone 4lbs off… 17 and a half inches all over… And my fitness has increased by 65%!!! I can do things I thought I would never would do… I’ve changed my mindset from ‘I can’t do this’… to ‘I can!!!’ And it actually works 💪😊😉😝😘😜😍 To celebrate I’ve booked more sessions with my amazing supportive man…. Next 12 weeks I’m ready for you Richard Hughes xxxxx

Charlotte Mousley


Charlotte Mousley

14224675_10154622768199101_2430801791358072479_nAbsolutely fantastic trainer, she will give 100% ! I would recommend Lindsey to anyone. Personal trainer or classes, I’d recommend anyone to give it a go ❤️

Kelly Hinks

Kelly Hinks

Lindsey’s classes are great and you know she puts a lot of thought into the routines, she really knows what she’s talking about/doing. She’s friendly and very inspiring and motivating. And she’s with you 100%. No matter how stressed I feel Lindsey’s classes always make me feel chilled happy and strong. She works really hard and deserves recognition for it. I think she’s secretly superwoman.

Rebecca Amy Rose

14247793_10157392578865305_87753545_oLindsey is an inspirational and committed gym instructor and personal trainer. In classes, Lindsey makes every session challenging and fun and keeps the whole class fully motivated and involved throughout. In PT, Lindsey is supportive and encouraging and makes sure you give everything you’ve got so you get the most out of every single session. After years of trying, I have finally stuck at the gym long enough to achieve my weight loss and fitness goals (and now I’m pretty much addicted)! I am certain that none of this would have happened without Lindsey’s help! I would highly recommend both Lindsey’s classes and PT to anyone.

Megan Jewson

Megan Jewson

Lindsey has been my personal trainer for over a year now. I have found her to be a conscientious, hardworking, highly motivated professional, and someone who is a delight to work with. She is reliable and punctual.

Lindsey takes the time and trouble to understand a client’s needs and capabilities and takes great pleasure in creating genuinely tailored programmes to fit. Her programmes are varied and inventive, and thus never boring. They are demanding, but never to a point of stretching me too far.

Lindsey works by encouragement and building confidence. I have seen many of my past goals fulfilled (for example toned arms and improved stamina) and been able to set new ones as a result.

Lindsey’s genuine passion for her work is a great motivating factor for me. We can discuss fine tuning an exercise to deliver better results. She introduces different equipment, and there are new routines or variations every time, so I look forward to our sessions and the time flies. This from someone who used to find exercising so boring I looked for any excuse not to do any!

I enjoy working with Lindsey because she is intelligent, creates interesting programmes and delivers results.

Kitty Chisholm

Before I started with Lindsey I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. I have to say that now I am proud to admire myself! I had so much fun with her and she has completely changed the way that I think about my lifestyle. There are many Personal Trainers, but I believe none would be able to motivate and encourage in the way that she does. As she says, “excuses are useless, results are priceless!” Well worth the time and effort. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Radomira Zigmundova

Radomíra Žigmundová

Lindsey Allen is a fabulous motivator & trainer. I used to go to the gym before and do a bit of running but didn’t really have much motivation. Then one day I decided to make a real effort but knew I would need a trainer to help motivate me.

I was aware of Lindsey as I knew she taught classes already which people raved about, so I decided to contact her.  On first meeting Lindsey I knew that if I signed up I would get a good service and I liked her instantly.

Throughout the whole 10 weeks I had constant contact with Lindsey, she gave me recipes which I could eat, some of which were even clean treats, which were yummy! She helped educate me on foods which were good and bad, and gave me exercises I could do at home.

Once a week I would have what I called my torture session (as a bit of a joke) with Lindsey, it was hard and I would come out feeling exhausted but in a good way & each week I looked forward to our time together.  Each week was a different routine which I enjoyed, so I never got bored and each session we had went so quickly.  I was quite sad when the sessions came to an end.

Lindsey made sure that I was focused on achieving my goals & the more I saw her the more motivated & inspired I felt to succeed.

10 weeks later I have lost 16.5 inches in total & my fitness level has increased 47%, but not only that I have made a good friend in Lindsey.  I now get a huge buzz out of exercising and can’t get enough of it & I have made other friends along the way.

I feel so much more confident in myself, I’m full of energy and feel so much happier each day (which I can only assume are the endorphins from the exercise) I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone she will push you, but after all that’s what you sign up!  Lindsey also cares about you achieving your goals.

Signing up with Lindsey was the best decision I could have made.

Vicky Hatfield


Thank you so much for spending the past 7 weeks with me helping me to achieve my goals. You have pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do without your motivation and enthusiasm. I wake up in the morning excited for our training sessions and the results I have achieved within 7 weeks is amazing!! If you are looking for a personal trainer I can highly recommend Lindsey to give you the results you want. I am now training for the Birmingham half marathon but have planned to return to Lindsey for the next stage of my body goals in November. Thanks again lovely X X X

Jay Davies 

Jay Davies

1780119_292226347600431_852236055_oLindsey truly is a inspiration, motivation and great instructor! She brings life into your exercises and supports each individual 100% if it’s your fitness level or nutrition plan she is always there for you!! She delivers awesome classes packed with great music! And makes exercise FUN FUN FUN! And on top of that she is a great person and a great friend!

Kay Ramsden

I’ve been having PT sessions with Lindsey for just over 10 weeks now and my results have already been amazing!! I’ve dropped a dress size, increased my fitness levels by 39% & lost a total of 8 INCHES! I absolutely love the sessions and I’ve never felt so good about working out as I do when in PT with Lindsey, she knows when I need that extra push!!

Catherine Houghton

Catherine Houghton

Lindsey is one of the kindest people I know. She constantly motivates me and challenges me. Lindsey is extremely knowledgeable and all her classes are great fun. It’s because of her I joined the gym and have been going to her Boxercise for over a year and a half, having never done anything like it before.

Pippa Grafton

Pippa Grafton

Ok my little munchkin brought me 6 training sessions for Father’s Day. It was the boxing I was interested in as I can never make the Ryland Boxercise class. Absolutely loved every minute even the times I was on my hands and knees struggling to stand up. I always walked out knowing i was pushed to my maximum. Mixing the boxing with different types of kicks and Ab workouts was amazing and has given me many new ideas of how to train myself!! 11/10 to Lindsey for really working me hard. Hopefully be back for more punishment in the future!!

James Roberson

James Roberson

I started training with Lindsey a few months ago now. I had become really unfit and was not comfortable with the way I felt and looked so thought having a personal trainer was a great idea. Lindsey quickly got me motivated and back into exercise. She is the loveliest person ever and one of the kindest, sincerest people I know.
I absolutely love our PT sessions and would do them everyday if I could. She pushes and challenges me to work my hardest but understands my limits… most of all though I have so much fun!! We don’t always do the same exercises either, each session is varied to keep me on my toes
In the months I have been training I have noticed a massive difference in my body shape and I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been. As well as losing inches I have become so much more healthy too.
I would recommend Lindseys PT sessions or even any of her gym classes to anyone out there who is stuck in the boring gym routine or even wants to start exercising from the beginning. Lindsey is that person who will give you some friendly motivation to get you on your way to a healthier lifestyle style.

Lindsey is an amazing trainer and a great friend. She has made me feel ace about myself again !!
Thank you !! ♡♡

Vicky Ascott

Vicky Ascott

Lindsey’s classes are absolutely brilliant, never actually stuck any for this long before! This is mainly due to Lindsey getting me so motivated and making the classes great fun and darn tough !!!! Its great to see real results X no getting rid of me now Lindsey, soz!

Kerry Baker

Kerry Baker

Today I thought I’d give yoga another go as its never really been for me my excuse is always “I’m totally not flexible! It’s not really a workout! I don’t feel like I’ve done anything” but today I was proven wrong!! I really enjoyed yoga tonight and felt as if I’ve stretched, worked out and relaxed! Coming from a yoga skeptic I really enjoyed it!! I can only recommend giving it ago 😊
Thanks Lindsey 👍🏻

Kay Ramsden

Kay Ramsden

I have been attending Lindsey’s classes for over a year now and have had fantastic results in my strength, fitness and body shape. She is very motivational and full of energy. Her classes are challenging, fun and addictive. I would highly recommend them.

Julie Burton

635919077576558380I have been doing Lindsey’s classes and having personal training sessions with Lindsey for nearly 3 years now; it’s the longest I’ve ever lasted at a gym. Not only does Lindsey know her stuff and get amazing results from every single one of her clients but she cares about everyone she trains. Lindsey is unique and special because she always does that little bit more to ensure she is getting the best out of you. If you are considering getting fitter and becoming leaner then I couldn’t recommend Lindsey Allen enough. Her work ethic and standards are beyond 5 gold star rating xxx

Kate Best

Well, what can I say about Lindsey? As an instructor she is motivational, inspirational and dedicated to her job. She makes each class the sort of class you actually want to go even though you know it will be challenging and very hard work, she makes sure that you know WHY you are there. As a personal trainer she goes above and beyond to tailor the sessions to your specific needs, after listening to what you think you want to gain from the personal training experience, each week is different and she makes sure that you are working 110% every time. She is phenomenal . 🙂

Marnie Maurri

Marnie Maurri

I have participated in Lindsey’s classes now for over 2 years and they are the best I have ever done!!! Hard work, but so much fun!! I’m half way into my PT with Lindsey also and I am loving it! She pushes me to work my hardest and I feel awesome after my session!! Would recommend to anyone 100%! It helps that she’s so lovely too X

Melanie Heard

Melanie Heard

I started going to Lindsey classes from September 2013 and she has been a great inspiration to me. Always positive and cheerful and she clearly knows what she’s talking about, as she has been in the fitness industry for many years.

Her classes are fun and effective, giving you great results. Lindsey is such a lovely lady who wants to help you achieve your personal goals. I just can’t praise her enough.

Lisa Wilson

Lindsey Allen is top of the pops all the classes I’ve attended so far are fantastic…. You can’t help but be motivated and even though they are a tough workout you feel great afterwards!!

Lindsey is always helpful with advice and always gets the best out of you would recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit or just improve their health and nutrition.

Craig Smith

I met Lindsey at the Riverside Club in Northwood as I attended a weight management course she was organising. She is very knowledgeable about the science behind the food we eat and the weight we become and I learnt a great deal from her advice. She is also a very nice person and when she suggested I try some personal training I thought, why not!

Little did I realise what a life transformation this would become. The journey I took with Lindsey over the next ten weeks was amazing. Lindsey pushed me to achieve a level of fitness I thought was unattainable at my fifty five years of age. When these ten weeks ended I signed up for another ten sessions.

I looked forward to our regular meetings every Wednesday and became motivated to visit the gym on a regular basis.

At the end of the course I asked Lindsey if she would repeat the fitness tests we took at the start and end of the weight management course. I was stunned by the progress I had made and I can only thank her so much for making me believe that it is possible to achieve great things in middle age!

I have no hesitation in recommending Lindsey to you – you will not be disappointed.

Janet Latham

Always motivating you to push harder and be the best you can be!

Lynne Wilton

Whoop whoop!

I have been going to the ‘Little Black Dress Club’ at the Ryland Centre for 5 weeks now. Tonight was my last night and it was measurements night! Eeek….surely there must be some difference after a radical nutrition plan and training 3 times a week. Squat thrust? Me??? You’d be surprised and maybe a little scared!

Well the hard work is paying off – I have lost 11.75 inches from various parts of my anatomy and 12 lbs. All in 5 weeks!

It’s a great program and my thanks to Lindsey Allen who was my tormentor – or should that read mentor?? Anyway there is plenty more to do but I am feeling great and a clothes size smaller.

Honor Keatley