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Lindsey Allen is a fabulous motivator & trainer. I used to go to the gym before and do a bit of running but didn’t really have much motivation. Then one day I decided to make a real effort but knew I would need a trainer to help motivate me.

I was aware of Lindsey as I knew she taught classes already which people raved about, so I decided to contact her.  On first meeting Lindsey I knew that if I signed up I would get a good service and I liked her instantly.

Throughout the whole 10 weeks I had constant contact with Lindsey, she gave me recipes which I could eat, some of which were even clean treats, which were yummy! She helped educate me on foods which were good and bad, and gave me exercises I could do at home.

Once a week I would have what I called my torture session (as a bit of a joke) with Lindsey, it was hard and I would come out feeling exhausted but in a good way & each week I looked forward to our time together.  Each week was a different routine which I enjoyed, so I never got bored and each session we had went so quickly.  I was quite sad when the sessions came to an end.

Lindsey made sure that I was focused on achieving my goals & the more I saw her the more motivated & inspired I felt to succeed.

10 weeks later I have lost 16.5 inches in total & my fitness level has increased 47%, but not only that I have made a good friend in Lindsey.  I now get a huge buzz out of exercising and can’t get enough of it & I have made other friends along the way.

I feel so much more confident in myself, I’m full of energy and feel so much happier each day (which I can only assume are the endorphins from the exercise) I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone she will push you, but after all that’s what you sign up!  Lindsey also cares about you achieving your goals.

Signing up with Lindsey was the best decision I could have made.

Vicky Hatfield

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