Align & Define

What is Align & Define?

Align & Define is a beautiful functional movement class, aimed at improving posture, flexibility, every day movement quality as well as core strength. Using elements of functional movement with primal movement patterns and body conditioning to give a complete functional-holistic class, Align & Define takes you through blocks of body weight exercises to target overall strength, balance, flexibility and core conditioning.

Who is Align & Define aimed at?

Gentle enough for those beginning a fitness programme, yet because there are progressions in the class, those that would like more of a challenge have that option as well. A class where everyone feels included and can progress at their own level. Finishing with a deep relaxation section.

Classes are held at Amphlett Hall, Crown Close in Bromsgrove

Monday 20:00 – 21:00

These classes are run in 4 week small group training courses and priced at £35.00 per course. VIP limited spaces available.

If you are ready for Align & Define contact Lindsey now to book. Don’t miss out!