Marathon Man

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Once upon a time there was a man who would watch the London Marathon every year and say, every time “I’m gonna run that one day”.

The fact that he hadn’t run since he was a ickle lad didn’t seem to be an issue, and we all thought he was just saying it anyway, you know, for a laugh. But then one day, about two years ago, he took up ‘Couch to 5k’, and within 6 months he had run two races, one of which being his first half marathon, he’d been bitten by the bug and running the ‘big’ one seemed much more of a possible reality.

Fast forward to now, and he actually IS running it! I know, amazing and incredibly inspirational hey? On Sunday 23rd of April, THIS Sunday, that man, my friend Simone Maurri will run 26 miles in the world’s biggest marathon in that London. For charity too (The Bobath Centre for children with cerebral palsy). And we are all very proud. And I want to help, so his amazing talented wife has been auctioning off a few sketchbook originals and prints over the last few weeks to help him raise his target.

This sketchbook original is the last piece she will be auctioning off and bidding will END on the 22nd April.
This piece will never be reproduced in print as it is a copyrighted quote so she cannot sell it, this is why it’s being auctioned off for charity, so really is and will only ever be the only one.

This is the link to the auction site :
Thanks for listening and thanks for your support, lovely people x

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